The Beheading Of Liberty!


“This Is Justice!"

"America Is Mine!”

"Mine! I Tell You! Mine!

So Cut Your Crap And Your Whine!

Or find yourselves Laying With Lady Liberty!

At my feet! While I dine! On Your Freedoms Lost!”

While England Has



to Protect

 Against Such As

The Twit Now Posing as

 America’s President

America Has



- The

Make All Goobers Aware!



Now! A Song for Our Children!

This song is our song! This song is their song! 

From Dried-Out Plains To Dying Oceans!

This song is our song; the “End of our Road!” song

This song was meant for you and me . . 

Our land is heating!  The soil is dying!

This song came too late . . . to Save our Children! 

Our plants not breathing, the Oceans dying

Due our pollution

In The Name Of Our Greed!

Our Sons and Daughters All Bad Afflicted! 

Their futures Lost! And with no Meaning! 

This song is their song! Their far too late song

Due our pollution

In The Name Of Our Greed!

To all our Children . . . Do we say we’re sorry

Or Slink away .. From the shame of our sins?

To all our Children . . . Do we say we’re sorry

Or Slink away  . . .  From what we did?

This song IS Trump's song . .

A confession of wrongs . . . song!

To all the Children

Left Destroyed And Dead song

This song IS Trump's song!

The End Of Their Road song

Damned by a Fool Who

Didn't Give A Damn!

This song is their song!

The End Of Their Road song

Written so Parents

Will address their sins 

This song is OUR Song!

A “Get it Right!” song

Written for Parents and Related Kin

This song is OUR Song!

A “Get it Right!” song

With A Hope That We

Might . . . Win


Copyright Daniel J. Lavigne February 10, 2017

“may in some dream we wake"

With thanks to Woody Guthrie . .

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2017